Estate Planning

We know that planning for your loved ones after you are gone is an uncomfortable conversation to have but one that must occur to provide your loved-one's peace of mind. Estate planning and its subsequent administration after you've passed can be of particular importance to small business owners, parents, and caregivers of individuals with special needs. At FFW we are ready to assist you with your estate planning needs.

We provide comprehensive estate planning and probate services to our clients across the Northeast Kansas area. Our firm regularly drafts estate plans for Kansas and Missouri estates of all sizes. The types of documents that we help clients establish include:

  • Wills
  • Trusts (including testamentary trusts, living trusts, and Special Needs Trusts)
  • Family limited partnerships
  • Durable powers of attorney
  • Health care planning documents
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Guardianships and/or Conservatorships (including for minor children)
  • Asset protection strategies and arrangements

Another important aspect of estate planning is asset protection. Through strategic planning, you can take advantage of various legal tools to shield your assets from legal liability. We assist clients with this critically important process.

Estate planning and asset protection involve important tax considerations. By anticipating these implications, we work to minimize the burdens of estate and gift taxes to the fullest extent possible. If necessary, we will also enlist the assistance of accountants and other tax professionals to ensure that we carefully address all tax ramifications.

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